Sogesti provide Security services to protect your server and email.

Nous vendons des serveurs dédiés professionnels et sécurisés.



The included installation service consists of:

  • MailScanner
  • ClamAV for MailScanner
  • DCC to improve spam scoring
  • MailScanner front-end for your cPanel Users. Note that this replaces the SpamAssassin front-end in cPanel which has to be disabled
  • ConfigServer Mail Queues
  • Access to MailControl from within WHM
  • Modify ClamAV and MailScanner to use the clamd process, which reduces server load and speeds up mail scanning dramatically
  • Configure SpamAssassin to use server-wide bayesian filter database to increase identification of spam. Disable cPanel SpamAssassin to provide central control of mail scanning services
  • Modification to MailScanner configuration to allow you to offer a per domain email scanning service for spam and/or viruses, together with per domain actions for dealing with detected spam.

We provide also

ConfigServer Security & Firewall
ConfigServer ModSecurity Control
ConfigServer Mail Manage
ConfigServer Mail Queues
ConfigServer Explorer

– Prix pour les services de sécurité et antispam:  750 000/an

-Serveur dédié professionnel pour les entreprises :  commander

  • Serveur dédié
  • Serveur Linux pour Entreprise
  • Intel Xeon 3.6Ghz
  • 64Go RAM
  • 2 x 2To SATA
  • Trafic illimité
  • Connexion 250Mbps
  • Protection Anti-DDoS
  • Cpanel/WHM
  • Dépannage 24h/24h