Internet Banking Content delivers a comprehensive online banking service in real time to provide a complete banking experience without stepping into the bank’s branch.

Key Features

  • Client segmentation – Provides different look and feel options, services and functionality to Retail, Corporate and the unbanked customer.
  • Corporate Banking – Offers advanced services to the corporate consumer including Trade and Finance, Corporate Administration Management, Mass Payments and Supply Chain Services.
  • Dashboards and Widgets – Provides a personalised user experience to your customers, allowing them to manage and prioritise their online experience.
  • Personal Finance Management – Provides the consumer with the tools to manage and track their finances.
  • Advanced Corporate Functionality – Provides corporate customers with the freedom to run their business through one central system.


  • Account Information
  • Transfers and Payments
  • Orders and Guarantees
  • Card and Cheque Management
  • Secure Messages
  • Trade Facilitation and Management
  • Cash Liquidity
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Corporate Administration Management
  • Retails Administration Management
  • Corporate Administration

Mobile Banking solution

Sms Banking solutions